Issue Deanna Maria Metzger Victoria Neave Result
Border Security For LEGAL immigration .Fasted in SUPPORT of Sanctuary Cities A publicity stunt that served herself and not our community.
Job Creation Own a construction company, as well as a business on Main St. in Mesquite. I’ve created hundreds of jobs, which help our families and communities.
Education 1st Representative that went to local public schools to represent public schools.  Deanna supports public education. She chose to go to Ursuline (private school) over local public schools. Current Rep. is representing a school district that she chose not to attend.

Property Taxes For property tax cap as it will allow us to budget year/year. Voted AGAINST Property Tax Caps Dallas County one of the highest taxed counties in the state of TX.
Sanctity of Life Pro-Life Voted for 3rd Trimester Abortions Taxpayer money should not be used to subsidize lifestyle choice.
Toll roads Lead a successful protest against toll roads.

  • We are now getting the I635East expansion. WITHOUT the use of additional toll roads on I635.
  • Current Rep. claiming that it is due to her actions.