Meet Republican Deanna Maria Metzger

Hi there!  My name is Deanna Maria Metzger and I’m running for Texas House of Representatives District #107.  Our country, and more specifically our community values are at risk and if we do not heed the call to action that we’ve heard, we risk losing the fundamental rights of limited government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
I’ m not your typical politician – I did not seek out this path – and I never knew that God would lead me in the direction of one day being a candidate.  I’m running to be OUR State Representative and I’m asking for your support, your vote, and most importantly your prayers.

Deanna’s Background
I grew up right here in Mesquite. I went to Shands elementary, Vanston middle school and graduated from North Mesquite High School.  I received my BA from UTA and graduated with honors from the University of Denver College of Law a semester early. I will fight for our schools, as I’ll be the first representative elected that went through this district’s public educational system.

Dedicated Local Businesswoman
While pursuing my Juris Doctorate, I always knew that I would use my law degree to further business, and that’s exactly what I’ve done!  I currently am an owner of a mid-sized business as well as a small business, and I work for a Fortune 100 company where I negotiate major deals that help to facilitate business, which leads to job retention and job creation. 
I also worked for an architectural firm whereby I was also instrumental in securing numerous construction deals that created jobs and improved the local economy. I can get the job done!

Proven Record of giving back to our Community
I’ve been an active member of a local church for many decades.  I’m a founding member and current President of the First Ladies Republican Women’s Club. I volunteer every week at Agnew middle school because I want to give back to my hometown.
I’ve worked on numerous campaigns for many years, but I never knew that God would lead me in the direction where I would one day be a candidate. I ran because I know that the political climate today requires a new wave of honest conservative and accountable office holders to properly represent us!